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TLV1 Radio, the house of our podcast, has several extra shows to suit your needs to take a look at. All of them center on Israel in A technique or A further. For those of you interested in some straight discuss Israeli politics, tradition, society, economic system, and all the rest, Possess a hear The Promised Podcast. You could find the podcast at or seek out it on your preferred podcast application. Teomim are twins, through the root תאמ which can be Employed in Hebrew for something to do with matching, suiting, fitting, coordinating plus much more. Let’s learn how to work with this family members of text in our daily life. Mat’im lachem? New terms & expressions: Teom, te’omim – Twin, twins – תאום, תאומים Zug te’omot siamyot – A set of Siamese twins – זוג תאומות סיאמיות Migdalei ha-teomim – The dual towers – מגדלי התאומים Ze lo ta’am et ha-tsipiyot – It didn’t match the anticipations – זה לא תאם את הציפיות Eich lifgosh ben zug to’em – how to satisfy a matching lover – איך לפגוש בן זוג תואם Leta’em – To coordinate – לתאם Eich efshar letaem pgisha merubat mishtatfim – How could you coordinate a multi participant Assembly – איך אפשר לתאם פגישה מרובת משתתפים Te’amti lecha tor – I’ve coordinated an appointment to suit your needs – תיאמתי לך תור Te’amti lach pgisha – I’ve coordinated a meeting to suit your needs – תיאמתי לך פגישה Meto’emet lecha pgisha – A meeting is coordinated for you personally – מתואמת לך פגישה Efshar leta’em li tor im… - Would it possible to coordinate an appointment with.

Напротив, любая продажа автосалона уважает себя , знает поддерживать свои автомобили хорошо , так как только тех активов, которые имеет и кто не держат свои активы ?

Spending plan, as a world enterprise operating in dozens of countries all over the world, is dedicated and obligated to the best expectations in all of its activity.

Matter will probably be reviewed by the right officials in manufacturing and our agent will Make contact with you within fourteen business enterprise days.

• Il est formellement interdit de sortir, avec le véhicule, des frontières du pays ou d’entrer sur le territoire de l’Autorité Palestinienne. • La réservation d’un véhicule – Spending budget se réserve le droit de fournir un véhicule selon la catégorie de véhicule commandé, les photographies présentées sur le web page sont à titre d’illustration uniquement.

The foundation "nun-pei-lamed" is focused on slipping - "lipol" indicates "to drop." It truly is Utilized in so a number of expressions it might be simple to forget exactly where it came from. Host Guy Sharett normally takes us by way of the most typical usages, using us from meteors to waterfalls to capturing down planes. Distinctive material New words and phrases & expressions: Nafalta hazak – You went down tough – נפלת חזק Kochav nofel – Falling star; taking pictures star; meteor – כוכב נופל Lipol – To tumble – ליפול Ma nafalt alay? – How did you instantly appear into my existence? – ?מה נפלת עליי Nafalti al mis'ada tova – I stumbled upon a good restaurant – נפלתי על מסעדה טובה Ma hu nafal alay achshav? – Why did he come to me with this particular now? (unfavorable) – ?מה הוא נפל עליי עכשיו Ma nafal aleycha ha-yom? – What's the matter along with you right now? – ?מה נפל עליך היום Nafalta al ha-sechel/ha-rosh? – Are you out of the thoughts? – ?נפלת על השכל/הראש Ze/hu yipol – It/he will tumble – זה/הוא יפול Im yipol ha-kochav sheli – If my star falls – אם ייפול הכוכב שלי Eize nefila – What a flop – איזה נפילה Eich nafalnu im ha-mis'ada ha-zot – What a flop, this cafe – איך נפלנו עם המסעדה הזו Nefila chofshit – Free-fall – נפילה חופשית Nofel, noflim – Fallen soldier – נופל, נופלים Nafal ba-milchama/ba-krav – He fell within the war/struggle – נפל במלחמה/בקרב Kmo hatul ani nofel al ha-raglayim – Just like a cat I slide on my ft – כמו חתול אני נופל על הרגליים Nafal lecha ha-kesef – You dropped your hard earned money – נפל לך הכסף Nafla lach ha-mitriya – You dropped your umbrella – נפלה לך המטרייה Naflu lachem ha-kartisim – Your tickets fell out – נפלו לכם הכרטיסים Hu hitnapel al mishehu – He went at (ie.

"Keta" means "portion," "segment," "point" or "gag," but it also seems in plenty of seriously handy Hebrew slang expressions. Host Person Sharett describes how we use "keta" to declare that we're not into something, or to tell our friend how (un)humorous they're staying. Distinctive Written content for Patrons New words & expressions: Keta, kta'im – Element; section; leg of a visit; issue; gag – קטע/קטעים Yeled shome'a kta'im ba-sicha – A child hears areas of the conversation – ילד שומע קטעים בשיחה He-keta ba-seret – The part/scene during the Film – הקטע בסרט Ze keta mesukan – It is a hazardous detail – זה קטע מסוכן Lo ahavti et ha-keta – I didn't similar to this – לא אהבתי את הקטע Lo mevina ta-keta – I don't get it – לא מבינה ת'קטע Makirim et ha-kete she…? – Did you know that thing when…? – ?...מכירים את הקטע ש Haya beynehem keta – There was a issue concerning them – היה ביניהם קטע At lo mamash ba-kate – You are not likely into that – את לא ממש בקטע Hu be-keta more info shel banim (Hu ba-keta)– He's into men – הוא בקטע של בנים Ani lo hoshev she-hu ba-keta – I don't Feel he is into it – אני לא חושב שהוא בקטע Keta tov – Some thing fantastic that happened – קטע טוב Ani omer et ze be-keta tov – I'm indicating this in a good way – אני אומר את זה בקטע טוב Hu amar et ze be-keta ra – He explained it in a suggest way – הוא אמר את זה בקטע רע Eize keta/kta'im – How humorous/What a surprise – איזה קטע/קטעים Eize keta she-gam ata po – How humorous that you are also right here – איזה קטע שגם אתה פה Kta'im itcha!

Nous sommes disponibles avec l'offre vous de première principal des véhicules ou à la area des tarifs particulièrement abordables !

Component one of Guy's initially Reside chat with StreetWise Hebrew Patrons. If you need to hear aspect 2, and even take portion in the next Stay chat, head over to our Patreon web site.

'Nai'm' signifies enjoyable, or nice. Let's study all about pleasantness - Person teaches us sentences with this phrase we use constantly, coupled with Hebrew names linked to its root. Oh, and How will you greet someone who just obtained a haircut in Arabic? Words and phrases and expressions talked over: Kama na'im – How pleasurable – כמה נעים Mezeg avir naim – Awesome weather – מזג אוויר נעים Naim meod – Pretty good (meeting you) – נעים מאוד Na'im lehakir/Na'im li meod – Wonderful Conference you – נעים להכיר/נעים לי מאוד Ze lo na'im li – I don't love this, I locate it awkward – זה לא נעים לי Slicha, mamash lo na'im li, aval… – Justification me, I really feel terrible saying this, but… – סליחה, ממש לא נעים לי, אבל.

ברגע שהגלגל יושב על הקרקע מוציאים את הג'ק ומחזקים את האומים באמצעות מפתח הברגים:

Charge card – the lessee should current into the Lessor a sound bank card, with his title imprinted on it. the Lessee will deposit Using the Lessor a deposit of the sum to get determined by the Lessor At time of the collection in respectively towards the rental level and rates .

יש לבאדג'ט סניף במלון דן בתל אביב וסניפים נוספים בבני ברק, פתח תקווה, הרצליה, רעננה, נתניה.

Хотите получать льготы и скидки на прокат автомобилей? Хотите первыми получать информацию о продаже автомобилей с первых рук по привлекательным ценам? Хотите участвовать в особых акциях для членов клуба?

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